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Wireless Video Camera Doorbell

Wireless Video Camera Doorbell


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Looking for a cost effective solution to protect your home? Look no further. 

With all the features of the Ring Doorbell, but for a fraction of the cost, you can monitor your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No ongoing subscription plans like Ring, you can be kind to your pocket and bring peace to your mind knowing no one can approach your property without you knowing and catching it in real time on camera. 

The camera also has a voice changing feature, so you can choose to question whoever is it your door in a deep male voice. 

3 different melodies are also available, so if you get tired of hearing the same tune every time your door bell rings you can change it.

As you will be linked to the free to use app that pairs with the camera, you will be instantly notified whenever someone is at your door, giving you the ability to answer the door even when you're not home and view whoever is stood there live on camera. You can also save the footage from your interactions on the app.

Installation is straight forward, you can either choose to screw it into the wall, or use the sticker paste provided with the camera.

10 family members are able to share the camera access, so if you miss the call, someone else who is linked can answer it.

Delivery in the U.K takes 14 days and is free.

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