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Who We Are

We are pleased to welcome you to All See Surveillance, your dependable partner for CCTV monitoring services.

At All See Surveillance, we take great satisfaction in being the best in the business at offering superior CCTV monitoring services. With over 10 years experience, our goal is to provide complete and dependable security solutions to a range of industry sectors. Our technologies and unrelenting dedication guarantee that your property is continuously secured.

All See Dedication

Our committed team of professionals is focused on protecting your property from potential dangers including theft, shoplifting, and trespassing. We provide round-the-clock remote video surveillance services because we value keeping a secure atmosphere. We can take care of your office, retail space, warehouse, or residential property.

Stopping Crime Before It Occurs

  • Step 1 - Monitor

    Prevent crime by staying one step ahead of it. We constantly monitor your property with our innovative CCTV surveillance services. We make sure nothing slips between the cracks with surveillance professionals and continuous observation. To preserve your assets, keep informed and take preventative action.

  • Step 2 - Capture

    We capture critical evidence. We clip and capture all offences on your premises. Evidence of any shady behaviour or criminal acts can be found on crystal-clear video. Giving you all the evidence you need to submit an accurate report to the authorities.

  • Step 3 - Deter

    Use signs and symbols around your property to show the presence of your camera operation and the professionals watching them in real-time. We help deter. As soon as we notice a suspicious act or character, we will alert all the necessary parties, allowing the correct correspondents to arrive on the scene in a timely manner.

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Benefits of Utilizing CCTV Monitoring Services

24/7 Real-time Surveillance

You get 24/7 surveillance with the help of our CCTV monitoring services. Our team of professionals keeps a close eye on your property, offering constant supervision and prompt response to any suspicious activities or security breaches. Even when you're not around, your property is being watched, so you can relax.

Criminal Investigation & Deterrence

The risk of criminal activity on your property can be considerably decreased by using our CCTV surveillance services. The constant monitoring is a significant deterrent, preventing potential offenders from acting illegally. In the event of an incident, the video we capture serves as important evidence for investigations, assisting law authorities in finding and apprehending offenders.

Remote Monitoring & Access

With the convenience of remote access provided by our CCTV monitoring services, you may see your video footage whenever you want, from any location. You can monitor your property, check live feeds, and review recorded footage straight from the palm of your hand with user-friendly mobile or web applications.

Operational Effectiveness & Loss Avoidance

Monitoring via CCTV serves more purposes than just keeping people safe; it also improves productivity and reduces losses. With the help of our surveillance systems, you can keep an eye on worker productivity, spot process bottlenecks, and guarantee compliance with safety regulations. Addressing inefficiencies and enhancing business performance can be accomplished with a detailed perspective of your facilities.

Unique Requests & Customised Solutions

At All See, we provide customised CCTV monitoring systems to match your unique demands. To design and execute a system that fits your property layout, security goals, and budget, our team of professionals collaborates closely with you.

Free Trial

Ask us about our free trial. We offer 3 days of 12 hour CCTV monitoring for free to see if our service is a fit for you and your business. We don't ask for any payments or payment details until you decide you want to move forward with us and our service once your trial is over.

Why All See?

Cost Effective

We offer you a fully dedicated 24 hour surveillance team for only £2 per hour. We guarantee we will not be beaten on price and quality of service.

No Employee Enrolment

Having All See watching your cameras saves you the tedious work and headache of finding and hiring new employees.

No Employee Risks

If you hired an employee to watch your cameras you would have to deal with sick days, overtime, bonuses, holidays etc.

10 Years Experience

The team at All See are more than qualified in security surveillance. With more than 10 years experience, you and your business are in safe hands.


All we need is access to your cameras and we're good to start monitoring. Once the link between your cameras and our offices has been established we can begin our work. This gives us the capability to work with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Highly Trained Operatives

Everyone that All See Surveillance employs has a background in the monitoring/cctv security industry. This is a mandatory requirement for our staff, this ensures that the clients we work with have the best eyes possible looking over their valuables and premises.

No Contracts

We don't rope you into long contracts. Our service rolls from month to month, giving you complete freedom to decide how long you want to use our services for.

Is My Business A Good Fit?

All See is a good fit for any business that uses a security camera. From regular high street businesses to warehouses, car parks, restaurants, offices and even residential security cameras. Whatever your cameras may be overlooking we can provide that extra layer of security and assurance.


Elijah P. “Since I started using All See, they have never failed me. Every time a problem appeared likely to materialize, they responded appropriately.“

Denise J. “I own a store in an area that can get a little crazy at times, so having All See Surveillance watch the cameras overnight is a must have for us. It's affordable and we are very satisfied with their service.“

Petar Z. “Excellent communication from these guys, I trust them to provide safety for my shop and my employees. I recommend these to everyone who needs this type of service.“

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If you are interested in All See, drop us an email or schedule a video call so we can introduce ourselves, our owners (Conor Moore & Ammad Maqsood) will educate you on how we work, who we are, and discuss how our services can take your business security up to the next level.

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